Solid partner in building development projects

DB PROJEKT provides services of: step investor, general designer, general contractor, supervising inspector, contract engineer, project manager, etc.

Performance - in line with ISO 9001 standards, reliable and on time.


DB PROJEKT designs, realizes and manages building projects - reliably and on time.

Our offer includes various construction types:

  • Office buildings

  • Apartment houses

  • Logistic centres

  • Sport centres

  • Hospitality buildings

  • Industrial plants

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Scope of services:

  • Investment consulting,
  • Urban planning reports,
  • Master planning,
  • Searching and acquiring of investment lots,
  • Space-planning and building programme concepts,
  • Technical and cost appraisal expertise, Value Engineering,
  • Investor's representative function,
  • Building and executive complex engineering/designs, complex design management,
  • Acquiring of official decisions of local area development conditions, building permits, approvals, certificates, legal and logistic services, etc.,
  • Project management, contract engineering (FIDIC),
  • General contracting on "turn-key" basis,
  • Authors' and investor's supervision both technical and financial.

Our strong points

  • Professional engineering and construction staff

  • Modern CAD and MS software

  • Highest quality of services, documentation and services in major European languages

  • Building tasks realized fault-free and on time

Apartment buildings

4 700 flats of total usable area 230 000 m2


    Location: Warsaw

    Size: 21 000m2 flats

  • DERBY estates (6 developments)

    Location: Warsaw - Białołęka

    Size: 88 000m2 flats

  • ZAWISZY estate

    Location: Warsaw

    Size: 21 000m2 flats

  • SŁONECZNY STOK apartment district

    Location: Warsaw

    Size: 24 000m2 flats

  • K-3 LIBAWSKA estate

    Location: Warsaw

    Size: 11 900m2 flats

  • CASTILLA estate

    Location: Gdańsk Kowale

    Size: 18 400m2 flats

Industrial and commercial buildings

585 000 m2 usable area in total.

  • DANFOSS factory

    Location: Grodzisk Mazowiecki

    Size: 17 300m2

    Note: "Construction of the Year" award, 1998

  • POLSER dairy plant

    Location: Siemiatycze

    Size: 6 600m2

    Note: Turn-key contract


    Location: Rzeniszów

    Size: 4 900m2

  • FRANKE factory

    Location: Sękocin

    Size: 6 500m2

  • MAERSK logistics

    Location: Mszczonów

    Size: 22 400m2

  • Fruit & vegetable wholesale market

    Location: Bronisze

    Size: 68 000m2


    Location: Mielec

    Size: 13 900m2

  • COCA-COLA plants

    Location: Warsaw, Radzymin, Gdynia

    Size: Warsaw: 6 400m2
    Radzymin: 11 000m2
    Gdynia: 10 000m2

  • KAUFLAND supermarkets

    Location: Wałbrzych and Piaseczno

    Size: Wałbrzych: 6 500m2
    Piaseczno: 4 300m2

  • L'OREAL plant

    Location: Pruszków

    Size: 11 000m2

  • WHIRLPOOL logistic centre

    Location: Wrocław

    Size: 22 000m2

  • Polish Post Logistics

    Location: Wrocław

    Size: 27 100m2

    Note: and Poland’s standardization design

  • ABB factory

    Location: Aleksandrów Łódzki

    Size: 11 900m2

  • STADLER train factory

    Location: Siedlce

    Size: 21 800m2

  • BISK logistics

    Location: Łubna

    Size: 9 200m2

  • WARSAW UNDERGROUND technical centre

    Location: Warsaw - Kabaty

    Size: 2 300m2

  • Bus service centres MZA

    Location: Warsaw: OP Kleszczowa, OP Stalowa, OP Woronicza

    Size: 6 500m2

  • ŁKA train service centre

    Location: Łódź - Widzew

    Size: 6 300m2

  • PIT-RADWAR laboratory

    Location: Kobyłka

    Size: 2 100m2

  • SKM train service centre

    Location: Warsaw - Szczęśliwice

    Size: 6 400m2

Office buildings

220 000 m2 in total.


    Location: Warsaw

    Size: 7 900m2

    Note: Ist MSWiA Award for design


    Location: Warsaw

    Size: 15 500m2


    Location: Warsaw

    Size: 15 400m2


    Location: Grodzisk Mazowiecki

    Size: 4 300m2


    Location: Mszczonów

    Size: 2 200m2


    Location: Warsaw

    Size: 4 600m2

Transport facilities


    Location: Warsaw

    Size: 670m

  • WARSAW UNDERGROUND Dworzec Gdański Station

    Location: Warsaw



    Location: Lublin

    Size: 6 200m2

    Note: Reconstruction of a historical building

  • Catholic Education Centre

    Location: Warsaw - Kabaty

    Size: 13 700m2

    Note: Architect: L. Kołacz

  • IDEAL hotels

    Location: Świebodzin, Pruszków

    Size: 3 000 i 3 200m2

    Note: Modular design

  • Government Pavilion for VIPs

    Location: Warsaw Chopin Airport

    Size: 900m2

  • EXPO XXI Exhibition Hall

    Location: Warsaw

    Size: 4 700m2

  • UMK University

    Location: Toruń

    Size: 27 000m2

  • Airport Fire Station

    Location: Warsaw-Modlin

    Size: 670m2

  • TOE Airport Service

    Location: Warsaw Chopin Airport

    Size: 440m2

  • HELI-ONE Helicopter Service Hangar

    Location: Lotnisko Jasionka, Rzeszów

    Size: 6 550m2

    Note: Turn-key project

  • Aircraft Service Hangars

    Location: Rzeszów Airport

    Size: 9 300m2

  • WZL2 Aircraft Service Hangars

    Location: Bydgoszcz

    Size: 9 500m2

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